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Your Google listing is a crucial element to your digital marketing strategy.

Impactful & engaging marketing campaigns are all important components for success.

What good will they do if your customers are unable to find your business?

Having your Google My Business listing, along with other relevant listings, set up and optimized is essential to being seen by your customers online.

Your listings provide crucial information including:

  • Business Name, Address, and Phone Number
  • Website
  • Email Address
  • Customized Business Information

They also give your business opportunities to rank for products and services that searchers are seeking.

/ Drive Customer Engagement

It’s time you put your business on the map, literally. Claim your stake and make your business visible for searchers using location-based apps. Having an optimized Google My Business account is crucial for visibility. It’s the only way people are going to find you.

Google My Business gives your business opportunities to fill in the cracks and provide valuable information about your business. Our business directory management services ensure all your customers’ questions are being answered with complete and optimized listings. We dig deep to know what questions your customers are asking and which services they are seeking to drive them to your business.

/ Top of Local Search Results

Optimizing your Google My Business listing makes your information visible and available to be discovered, but an extra boost to the top of directory searches can take your name to the next level. If you’re ready to put your brand out there and get recognized, our Premium Business Listings services are for you. With Premium Business Listings, the possibilities are endless.

Let Dluxe Web Design manage your premium directory listing campaigns. Get immediate results you can see. We methodically manage your brand presence, which services are boosted, audience targeting, and testing to ensure you are getting the most out of your campaigns. We are transparent with our costs and strategy to ensure your campaigns are efficient and impactful.

/ Put Your Business on the Map

People who are on the go need your services to pop up, and quickly. They aren’t taking their time to browse, they are looking for your services when they are ready to convert. This is where a Local SEO strategy comes in.

At Dluxe Web Design, we apply tactics to ensure your business is visible to valuable searchers and boost your digital presence organically. On top of being visible on maps apps on your phone, many other websites are integrated to deliver information seen on Google My Business profiles.

Partner with Dluxe Web Design for your Google My Business strategy and apply best practice local SEO strategy. Google’s algorithm is changing all the time to adjust to people’s search intent. This delivers the most relevant results to searchers. We have our finger on the pulse of search trends and SEO best practices to boost your local search rankings and make a strong impact.

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