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/ Why Paid Ads Work

Every business wants to have a strong presence in search engine results. We do everything we can to optimize a site to encourage it to appear higher in search engine results pages, but the decision to rank higher is out of our hands. Natural search rankings are up to Google’s algorithm and what it perceives to be best-fit answers to searcher inquiries.

We can follow best practices to outrank our competitors and align with search intent, place meaningful content on our site with a clear concise content strategy, and ensure our entire site is being crawled efficiently. But sometimes we want an added boost of visibility to get our name out there. Enter: Dluxe Web Design paid advertising campaign management.

/ Benefits of Paid Ad Campaigns:

  • Have a direct impact on visibility and brand awareness
  • Get immediate results, benefit from boosted visibility when the switch is turned on
  • See impactful numbers - which buzzwords, audiences, tactics are successful and which could benefit from some adjusting and relaunching
  • Able to A/B test with campaigns - Comparing 2 campaigns side by side to see which resonate with your target audience
  • Able to target audiences to ensure your campaigns are being seen by those who are more likely to convert

/ PPC Done Differently

We work with all project scopes and industries and stay on top of the latest tips from the search engines themselves.

Whether you are just starting your digital strategy or you are looking for boosted visibility to your established site, we have you covered. Let us get your brand story, products, and services in front of the audiences who want to see them.

You will get:

  • A comprehensive strategy
  • A dedicated, knowledgeable account manager
  • Campaigns in-tune with market trends
  • Engaging, compelling messages
  • Consistently checking, testing, and refining campaigns
  • Advertising budget management

/ Transparent, Up-Front Pricing

Managing your own PPC ads can be daunting. Furthermore, they can be unsuccessful. There’s no way to sugar-coat it, paid advertising can get cut-throat competitive and very pricy. Nothing is worse than investing money into your business and not seeing any impactful results. The key is to be methodical with where you put your money and be in tune with the latest tips and trends in online advertising. That’s where we come in.

When you let Dluxe Web Design manage your paid advertising campaigns, you are guaranteed transparent, up-front pricing. With our campaigns, you will see results that far outweigh the costs so you can rest easy knowing your campaigns are being put to good use. Exceed the competition with increased traffic to the site and brand awareness.

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